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現実と現実を重ねると非現実が生まれる。そんな不思議な世界をフィルムカメラ等で撮影した写真集。撮影時には結果がわからないリスクのある多重露光。ポジフィルムをネガ現像するルール破りな化学反応を楽しむクロスプロセス現像。国内はもちろん世界中でそんな挑戦をしてきたデジタル加工ではないクレイジーなアナログ作品をお楽しみに下さい。こちらではカラーの作品を公開しています。モノクロ写真はGalley-B&Wのページをご覧下さい。作品のご購入はShoppingのページをご覧下さい。 When reality is superimposed on reality, an unreality is created. Photo collection of such a mysterious world, shot with a film camera for Lomography. Multiple exposure with the risk of not knowing the result when shooting. Cross-process development that enjoys the rule breaking chemical reaction to negative develop positive film. Enjoy the crazy analog works that have made such a challenge in domestic and of course all over the world. You can see my monochrome works on WORKS-B&W. You can purchase these works on "Shopping" page.

Garden City
Magic hours
Magritte on Film vol.9
Magritte on Film vol.8
Summer colors
Blue & Yellow
Blue & Green
Be water vol.3
Magritte on Film vol.7
Magritte on Film vol.6
Northern Island (autumn)
Be Water vol.2
Magritte on Film vol.5
Magritte on Film vol.4
Magritte on Film vo.3
Magritte on Film vol.2
Be water vol.1
Designed Architecture (Japan)
Designed Architecture (Taiwan)
Magritte on Film vol.1
People +
Portraits by art lens
Hong Kong Walker
New York Walker
Double Park
Splitzer City Hong Kong
Splitzer City NYC
Overlapped Havana
BLUE MANSION (Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion)
Overlapped Hong Kong
Overlapped New York
Peaceful PENANG
City of Gaudí
FRANCE in flowers
Color of FRANCE
Listen to Fado (Portugal)
Portugal in roses
Don Quixote
Feel the Earth (Iceland)
Summer island (Okinawa)
Buenavista Social Club (Cuba)
Home of Lomography (Vienna)
Nature +
Hot air balloon
With carps ( koi )
Wonderful Nature
Crazy flights
Kolkata Express
Endless roll
Sunset Surfers
Turquoise film
In flowers
Spring has come
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