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現実と現実を重ねると非現実が生まれる。そんな不思議な世界をフィルムカメラで撮影した多重露光による写真集。アナログな撮影方法による様々なリスクを顧みず、国内はもちろん世界中で挑戦をしてきた作品を中心に、赤外線写真や通常のスナップ写真をお楽しみください。こちらではモノクロ写真のみを公開しています。カラー写真はGalley - Colorsをご覧ください。作品のご購入はShoppingのページをご覧下さい。    When reality is superimposed on reality, an unreality is created. Photo collection of such a mysterious world, shot with a film camera of Lomography.In particular, multiple exposures with self-film swaps, in which the film is re-mounted and shot, have the risk that all photos will fail if out of frame occurs. Enjoy the crazy work that has made such a challenge in Japan and around the world without regard to such risks. You can purchase these works on "Shopping" page.

Dark Knight vol.1
North and East
Over the ocean
Another side of Genesis
New world
New York Girl
Dancing in a dream
I'm here
Portraits by art lens
Hong Kong walker
Yangon walker
World of Infrared
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