You can order your favorite my woks as A2 size print now!! 
You can oder your favorite my works on this website as A2 size print! I provide a frame and certificate of the edition, too. If you'd love to order a small size, Please read this page. Enjoy and create your favorite space with my works!! 
<Information for an order and print>
*Price : 88,000 Japanese Yen (both of color and monochrome works)
*Medium : Ink jet printing on semi gloss paper / Size 420mm x 594mm
*Frame : Size 545mm x 727mm / Aluminum frame, Acrylic panel on the front, Charcoal color mat, String for wall hanging 
*Edition : Limited 20 only  (all works / Each size has each edition)
*If you are considering about long length works, please ask me.
*Payment : Credit card through PayPal  (You don't need your account of PayPal )
*Shipping : A shipping is from Japan by EMS (express mail service) , about 10 days after the payment ( because of printing for you). Shipping available area list
*Shipping fee : Notice after your first contact by email. 
*Cancellation : Available until finishing the payment. After finishing the payment , You can't cancel it.
*** If you don't need a frame, please ask it***

<How to order>
1. Please provide the following information by email. Here is the address to send it to→ 
Please enter "A2 Print Order" in the subject line of the email.
 a. Orderer's name
 b. Email address for the contact  
 c. Shipping information(Delivery address, Name of Recipient, Phone number)
 d. Attach a screenshot for the work that you would like to order
2. After receiving your first contact email, I'll let you know the shipping fee by email. 
3. When you accept the shipping fee, I'll send an invoice through PayPal.
4. After finishing your payment by credit card, I'll let you know the estimated delivery day. 
5. I'll let you know the actual delivery day and the trucking number, after delivering it. 
6. You'll receive it!! 

1. If I receive an email about an order while I am on a business trip or otherwise away for an extended period of time, it may take longer than usual to ship.
2. It may take longer than usual to ship due to the holidays.​​​​​​​
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the form below.
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